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Homogenisation Kits

Various Precellys® Homogenisation Kits are available for the homogenisation of a wide range of samples using the Precellys® 24, Precellys® 24-Dual, Precellys® Evolution or MINILYS Homogenisers.

High-quality 2 ml or 7 ml screw-cap tubes are prefilled with optimised amounts of specific beads for many different applications. Lysis is achieved by a powerful three dimensional movement. For the different samples Precellys® Lysis Kits containing ceramic, metal, glass beads or bead mixtures are available.

Our optimised kit combinations for efficient cell lysis and following nucleic acid isolation guarantee highest yields of RNA or DNA.

Video demonstration of Precellys® 24 Homogeniser on www.peqlab.tv.

Will the Precellys® work on your tricky samples? What's the best protocol to run on the MINILYS? Is there another group out there doing a similar thing? If you're looking for answers, visit the Precellys® Application Database.

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