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peqGOLD Plasmid Mini Kits

The peqGOLD Plasmid Miniprep Kits I and II offer the quick and efficient extraction of plasmid DNA from bacteria with a low level of endonuclease activity (endA-). The Plasmid Miniprep Kits combine the power of PerfectBind technology with the time-tested consistency of alkaline-SDS lysis of bacterial cells to deliver high quality DNA. Plasmid DNA binds effectively to the silica membrane and can easily be purified from contaminants and enzyme inhibitors. Purified plasmid DNA is simply eluted from the column with Elution Buffer or water.

Special Features:
  • Mini PrepNo need for organic solvent extractions
  • Complete degradation of cellular RNAs
  • Efficient removal of contaminants and enzyme inhibitors

peqGOLD Plasmid Miniprep Kit I:
Isolation of plasmid DNA from 1 to 5 ml overnight culture, maximum yield: 25 µg

peqGOLD Plasmid Miniprep Kit II:
Isolation of plasmid DNA from 3 to 15 ml overnight culture, maximum yield: 75 µg

Both kits are available as S-Line including Safety-Line columns with lid or C-Line including Classic-Line columns without lid!
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