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Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Instruments

Highest Performance Imaging systems!

The pinnacle of imaging technology for the busy laboratory looking for publication ready data. The FUSION ™ series excels with latest 16 bit camera technology, best optics and a absolute light-proof full metal darkroom. This guarantees highest sensitivity and lowest background. The various models allow to choose a system that is perfectly suited for your experimental needs:

FUSION-FX7 Advance™ - this fully automated multi imaging system gives your lab full access to chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and fluorescence applications. It comes ready with a pull-out transilluminator and filter. Optionally the FX7 Advance™ can be equipped with various epi-fluorescence modules (UV, R/G/B and NIR). The high-performance camera technology in combination with the best optics in the field (f:0.84) guarantee - thanks to the highly efficient cooling - lowest background noise and highest sensitivity.

FUSION-SL Advance™ - do you prefer to upgrade at later? The SL is supplied as a chemiluminescence system, but can be upgraded with various transilluminators and epi-fluorescence solutions (UV and R/G/B) e.g. for gel documentation or fluorescence Western blotting. Equipped with the same camera technology and optics as the FUSION FX7, the FUSION SL will astonish you with its sensitivity, low background and versatility!

FUSION Xpress™ - the fluorescence specialist with good chemiluminescence capabilities. Specialized optics will bring out the best of your gels and fluorescence blots, while you can also perform demanding chemiluminescence applications. Fully automated and upgradable with transilluminators and epi-fluorescence (UV, R/G/B and NIR), the FUSION Xpress™ is a stellar addition to every laboratory.

FUSION SOLO S™ - the 'personal' imaging system that can be tailored to your exact experimental needs: 2 camera variants, highly customable, upgradable and equipped with a compact high quality darkroom that fits on the lab bench – of course with the renowned FUSION quality!

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