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Our service pledge

Convenient ordering
  • Making ordering easier!
    Per phone, fax (Freephone and Freefax inside Germany available), mail, email, webshop or by contacting your personal Account Manager. We're open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 4.00pm on Friday, even on non-federal holidays.
  • Supply
    We aim to deliver as promptly as we can, which often means shipping the same day as we receive your order until 3.30pm Monday to Thursday and 1.30pm on Friday. The shipment is usually carried out within 24 h. For practical reasons, we do not ship cooled products on a Friday unless requested. If a product is not in stock, we will inform you at time of ordering.
  • Shipping
    Shipping is free for orders over EUR 250,00.
  • Return of Cooling Packages
    Cooling packages are supplied with a courier return form for delivery back to PEQLAB's office.

No risk for you
  • Test first before buying
    In your own lab you can try most of our systems. If a testing is not possible we will demonstrate the instruments to you. We can offer samples free of charge of the most reagents and consumables. If there is no sample available for technical reasons we offer attractive discounts for the first buy.

Support Service
We offer competent support and assistance locally through our well-funded sales representatives and our in house specialists. You can reach us per phone or email.

After Sales Service
The warranty period of our products is minimum 2 years from date of purchase.

For the most of our units we are pleased to offer you a replacement unit free of charge during warranty repairs.

In case of repair we will pick up systems for a equipment check and send you a quotation. We will inform you in advance of our schedule and charges that may be due.

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